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BLVD Classics

— BLVD Beatdown Breakfast Sandwich —

One sandwich to rule them all! Brioche bun, aged cheddar, fried fresh egg, and our signature maple bacon with sliced tomato, and sweet chili mayo.
Make it a Brisket Beatdown $4.00
$ 18.95

— Huevos Rancheros —

Choice of Spanish Chorizo, Pulled Pork or Avocado; served with sautéed bell peppers, onion, corn, black beans, potato, roasted tomato and Jack cheese on top of two corn tortillas. Topped with two eggs sunny side up. chipotle crema and cilantro chimichurri.
$ 20.75

— Paella Del Patron —

Hands down one of our most popular dishes. Crispy fried Valencia style rice scented with saffron.Roasted free run chicken, Spanish chorizo, and smoked Fraser Valley bacon with green peas and a sunny side egg.
Add an extra farm fresh egg $2.00
$ 20.75

— BLVD Breakfast Bowl —

Spanish chorizo, eight grain blend of rice and quinoa, cooked with fire roasted tomato and bell peppers, sweet corn, yams and spices. Topped with a perfect poached egg, avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro and chipotle crema.
$ 19.75

— Steak N’ Eggs —

Cache Creek natural beef 5oz, flat iron steak served with two eggs any style, home fries and tangy lemon and herb compound butter.
Add Sautéed Mushrooms $3
$ 26

— Chilaquiles —

Authentic Mexican...Chee-luh-KEE-lays! House made corn tortilla chips tossed in a warm Morita sauce on a bed of refried pinto beans. Mixed with Jack cheese, carnitas style pulled pork, and sour cream topped with a sunny side egg and cilantro.
$ 19.75

Sides & Extras

— Spanish Chorizo —

$ 5.75

— Side of Maple Bacon —

$ 4.75

— Local Honey Ham —

$ 4.75

— Pulled Pork —

$ 5.75

— Espresso Rubbed Brisket —

$ 7.00

— Two Farm Fresh Eggs —

$ 5.95

— Half Avocado —

$ 3.5

— Sauteed Spinach and Kale —

$ 4.25

— Side of Hollandaise —

$ 2.50

— Vegan *Just Egg* —

$ 6.25

— Kennebec Potato Homefries —

$ 5

— Mini Buttermilk Pancakes —

$ 5

— Organic Maple Syrup —

$ 2.50

— Bread Pudding Bites with Hollandaise —

$ 7

— Toast (Cobbs fresh baked) —

$ 3.5
The Benedicts

Benedicts are served on our signature bread
pudding, with two perfectly poached local free
range eggs, topped with house-made hollandaise,
a side of fresh greens & homefries.

— Standard Issue Benedict —

Basic Benny....But better. Three thick slices of local ham.
$ 19.75

— BLVD Blackstone Benedict —

Brown sugar maple bacon and rustic sweet and sour tomato chutney.
$ 20

— Mean Green Benny —

Sautéed spinach and kale and sliced avocado.
$ 20

— Upstream Benedict —

Wild sockeye lox topped with fried capers and pickled red onion.
$ 21

— Smoked Brisket Benny —

Espresso coffee rubbed brisket, BBQ glaze, topped with crispy shallots.
$ 22.50

— Carnitas Benny —

Mexican style pulled pork, Morita Chilli salsa and chipotle crema.
$ 20.25

Sweet & Delish

— Butterfinger Bacon French Toast —

Homemade texas style toast, butterfinger whipping cream, crispy brown sugar maple bacon with butterfinger topping.
$ 17.25

— Macadamia Nut Banana Pancakes—

Served with sliced banana and macadamia nuts inside of a three stack of buttermilk pancakes and topped with toasted coconut ribbon and sweet coconut cream.
$ 16.75

— Salted Caramel Pecan Pretzel Pancakes —

Three stack of buttermilk pankcakes ,served with a dangerously addictve salted caramel sauce, prezels and pecans!
$ 16.75

Plant Based

— Vegan Breakfast Bowl —

Mixed rice and quinoa cooked with fire roasted tomato, bell peppers, sweet corn, yams and spices. Finished with vegan chipotle-orange crema, pickled red onion, cilantro and a half avocado.
Add Vegan *Just Egg* $3.00
$ 17.00

— Beautiful Buddhist —

New & improved vegan breakfast hash. Sautéed young kale and grape tomatoes with mushrooms, caramelized onion, garlic and potato. Topped with Seitan "sausage" bites by Mindful FUD, our tahini miso sauce and sliced avocado.
Add Vegan *Just Egg* $3.00
$ 18.75

— Plant Based Rancheros —

Sautéed with bell peppers, onion, corn, blackbeans, potato, cilantro, fire roasted tomato and topped with half avocado and a vegan chipotle crema and chimichurri.
$ 20.75

— BLVD Brunch Caesar —

Vodka(1oz), Clamato, & Seasonings. Pickled asparagus and hickory sticks.
DBL +$3.00
$ 8.50

— Kraken Punch —

Kraken black rum (1.5oz), OJ, Pineapple juice, Angostura bitters & nutmeg. Davey Jones approved!
$ 9.50

— Aperol Spritz —

A mimosa with a bite! Aperol(1.5oz), orange juice, and Sparkling wine (3oz) Bubbly,fruity, fresh!
$ 10.00

— Classic Mimosa —

Need we say more? Orange, pineapple or grapefruit juice, (4oz).
$ 8.00

— Mimosa Flight —

4 tantalizing tasters of mimosas! (9oz)
$ 17

— Beermosa —

Grand Marnier (1oz), OJ and Lager! Who said you can't have beer for breakfast
$ 9.00

— The Best Part Of Waking Up —

s bourbon in your cup! Housemade Bulleit Bourbon(1.5oz), vanilla cream and JJ Bean Railtown Blend.
$ 9.00

— Mexican Coffee —

Kahlua and tequila join together with JJ Bean Railtown Blend coffee to create a fiesta in your cup! Topped with whipping cream. (2oz)
$ 11.00

— BLVD Coffee —

A perfect combination of Jamesons, Kahlua, Frangelico and JJ Bean Railtown Blend. Topped with a little BLVD flare. (2oz)
$ 11.00

— Pancake Shot —

Who said you can't drink your breakfast? Whiskey and Butter Ripple schnapps served up with a shot of OJ. Topped with Maple bacon. Yes it really tastes like a pancake! (1oz)
$ 7.00

— Seasonal Beer & Cider —

Rotating, ask your server or check our beer board.

Liquid Refreshments

— Coffee —

JJ Bean's Railtown Blend. Free Refills!

— Chocolate Milk —

Housemade with a touch of sea salt
Small $2.75 / Large $4.25

— Tea —

JJ Leaf Earl Grey, Sencha Green, Peppermint, English Breakfast and Fancy Rooibos

— Culture Craft Kombucha —

Rotating flavours crafted with locally grown ingredients from family farms all over British Columbia.
355ml $7.25

— Hangover Cure —

Pineapple juice, OJ, coconut water and Angostura bitters.
$ 5

— Juice —

Premium juices: OJ, Grapefruit, Apple, Pineapple
Small $2.50 / Large $4.50

— Soda —

Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Ginger Ale
$3.00 (Can)

— Iced Tea —

Small $2.50 / Large $4.00

About BLVD Bistro

BLVD Bistro opened as the sister to our little S'wich Cafe in Queensbury Village - a tiny community of local businesses on the North Shore of Vancouver.

Erik was born and raised on the North Shore of Vancouver. After studying, traveling, and cooking for various restaurants he opened S'wich Cafe in 2011.

Within a couple of years S'wich Catering needed more space to operate; our neighbours 2 doors down let us know their little restaurant was available. With a garden out back and a generous and loyal community the vision evolved. After an 8 month renovation we turned the space into BLVD Bistro. 

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